Senior woman discusses her prescription medication with a doctor via video conference. The woman is using a digital tablet.

Eduardo J. Guimbarda, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Eduardo J. Guimbarda is a healthcare strategist/consultant for Healthcare Integrative Solutions, LLC and CEO of Home Nursing & Therapy Services. He is a healthcare practice consultant encompassing, acute, post-acute and physician practice management. After spending nearly 30 years working in home health and post-acute care services, Eduardo knows what truly covers the gaps in the continuum of care, drives patient adherence and outcomes during all transitions of care. Eduardo’s vision is to connect healthcare providers through systems and technology to drive down costs and improve outcomes. This collaborative model of care transitions will improve overall health outcomes of these events.

Eduardo has successfully implemented independent programs that improve transitions of care. He is currently implementing a full-service Transitional Care Model for one of the largest hospital systems in the U.S. The program is elaborate and unique and is in process for approval as best practices and gold standard of care. The model also includes long term population health programs; chronic care management with a collaborative behavioral health program with a focus on social determinants of health (SDOH). He is working on a business case for CMS Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation to improve future program development. In addition to his extensive experience, Eduardo is a trained program implementation coach.

Eduardo holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from St. Mary’s University, a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Texas in San Antonio and Master’s in Healthcare Administration  from Cornell University.  His capstone thesis for the Sloan Program, Cornell University gained statistical validity on his collaborative transitional care program with tele-health inclusion as a successful process innovation for CMS. Eduardo is married, father to 7 children and is a current resident of San Antonio, Texas.

Nagarajan Sankrithi, PhD

Chief technology officer

Nagarajan S. Sankrithi is a healthcare strategist/ consultant for Healthcare Integrative Solutions, LLC. He brings his extensive expertise in public health, pharmaceutical informatics to the healthcare space. For the past 17 years, he has built and delivered appropriate informatics solutions to transform research operations for early drug-discovery to pre-clinical research for Abbott/AbbVie, Merck and Massachusetts Public health Laboratory. His informatics career blossomed while he was working as an assay development scientist for a central nervous system (CNS) drug discovery start-up pharmaceutical company EnVivo (Forum). He built the informatics solutions that was instrumental in automating a high throughput behavioral assay data platform and established a cheminformatics data science backbone. He used it to select the clinical candidate for Alzheimer’s/ Schizophrenia (EVP-6124/Encenicline).

Nagarajan is currently consulting at AstraZeneca where he is helping the Antibody and Protein Engineering Group to develop an informatics solution for the proteomics, metabolomics and lipidomics lab. While pursuing the pharmaceutical research consulting, he is co-implementing a full-service Transitional Care Program.

Nagarajan Sankrithi holds a Bachelor’s in Biology and Chemistry from University of Wisconsin- Superior, a Master’s in Biochemistry from University of Houston, a PhD in Neurobiology from Northeastern University and a  Master’s in Healthcare Administration from Cornell University.  His Capstone thesis for this program focused on a comparative analysis of operational efficiencies of an independent homecare agency (HNTS) and a large hospital-based homecare and hospice business (EverGreenHealth).  He is currently developing clinical dashboards that will assist homecare agencies with operational efficiencies, revenue cycle management improving overall financial health.

Senior woman discusses her prescription medication with a doctor via video conference. The woman is using a digital tablet.